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The UFO Phenomenon - Part 3

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In the third part of our special, we look at the secret services.

The FBI's most famous memo:

The most famous memo from the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), which has now been downloaded millions of times from the FBI website, specifically addresses the UFO phenomenon, detailing the crash and recovery of flying saucers. No fewer than three of them are said to have crashed and been recovered in New Mexico due to interference with high-powered radar systems. However, Guy Hottel (1902-1990), the head of the FBI office in Washington D.C., did not witness the saucers himself; instead, an informant working as an investigator for the Air Force relayed the information to him. He then wrote the memo to FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover (1895-1972) on March 22, 1950. A few months later, the FBI officially ended its investigation into the phenomenon, although it continued to investigate specific UFO landing reports, such as one in Socorro, New Mexico in 1964. [1]

As revealed in the June 11, 1957 report to the left, the investigation of this phenomenon fell much more to the Air Force and the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). Responsible for the CIA part was DD/I/OSI Phil Strong (DD/I stands for Deputy Director for Intelligence and OSI means Office for Scientific Intelligence).

Additionally, the report states that both the UK and Canada have their own secret programs to research the phenomenon and mentions the development of the Avrocar in Canada—a disk-shaped experimental VOTL aircraft, partly funded by the Air Force. The report also notes that the Air Force has its own undisclosed projects. [2]

The following former secret CIA memo for the US Secretary of Defense is also very interesting. It states that this phenomenon has an impact on the national security of the USA, especially due to its vulnerability to air attacks. Additionally, the memo outlines plans for scientific research to determine whether this phenomenon is human-generated and controlled. Unfortunately, the date of the document is not noted on the document itself or on the associated website. The fact that over 1,500 official reports of UFOs have been received since 1947, with around 20% remaining unexplained, suggests a timeframe from the mid-1950s. [3]

Another memo, dated October 2, 1952, to the director of the CIA, also addresses the issue of mass psychological effect. The UFO phenomenon is also described as “dangerous” and a “problem”.

UFOs over Germany

Of course, UFOs were also seen over West and East Germany and the reports were collected by the CIA and witnesses were interviewed on site. The US radar at the Rhine-Main Air Base was unable to record these objects. [4]

But the report by Oscar Linke from East Germany is particularly interesting, as he describes in detail to a notary - after fleeing to West Germany - how he and his daughter Gabriella encountered a landed UFO and figures in metallic suits near the village of Haselbach. Many other witnesses in the area later claimed also to have seen an object they thought was a comet.[5]

“Real” pictures of a flying saucer

“50 billion amateur photos have been taken in the U.S. over the past 30 years, according to an estimate by the American photo industry -- including such surprising events as airplane crashes and the assassination of Robert Kennedy. Yet not one of those 50 billion photos shows anything remotely identifiable as an alien spacecraft -- despite the alleged hundreds of thousands of UFO sightings.

According to the German magazine Der Spiegel in its 17/78 issue [6].

Well, the CIA has a different opinion. Their website offers an enormous wealth of information on this subject. This is because the American foreign intelligence service has not only collected reports on UFOs from all over the world, but has also had photos of Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs) scientifically examined. As a result, the famous UFO image from Zanesville, Ohio from 1967 was subjected to mathematical analysis and photogrammetric techniques, among other things. According to Dr. Edward Condon of the University of Colorado, this image is the first to withstand all scientific analyses, thereby confirming it as a genuine image of a flying saucer. [7]

Photo tips for agents

This CIA guideline might seem unusual at first, as it provides American agents with photo tips on how best to capture images of flying saucers. Of course, it advises them to keep the camera still during the exposure of the film to avoid blurred shots. [8]

German UFO files

The German Federal Intelligence Service (BND) also collected UFO reports, primarily in the former border area with the GDR and CSSR, and compiled a 67-page report under the abbreviation 'B 206/1914'. Although this report has not yet been published, it is available for viewing in the Federal Archives in Koblenz

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